3 Smart tips for Room-seeker to rent a room in Sunway Area


room for rent in Bandar Sunway

A “hot-spot” like Bandar Sunway was often known as one of the rapidly growing cities in Malaysia, which make it a favourite location among the teenagers.

Undoubtedly, the fast- developing cities lead to a sudden spurt of price in property as well as rental. There is a great possibility of people would be on a tight budget as you might just be landed your own first job or still pursuing your study as a student.

Certainly, looking for a room for rent near Sunway university is a daunting task as the rental might not that friendly at all. Therefore, here are some tips for you that would help you in choosing, comparing, deciding what works in your favour.

  1. Sharing With a Friend

Have you ever heard “sharing is caring”? Indeed, the rental in the Sunway area is not that cheap comparing to the other areas in Selangor especially for those that still don’t have any stable income yet.

Sharing is always the best method to ease your burden when you are on a tight budget as you will share the cost and expenses with your partner.

Thus, you probably could be searching a room for rent in La Costa Sunway with your friend or partner and share the rent together. In addition, you will able to share the utility bills like internet bill, water and electricity bills which definitely reduce your monthly bills.room for rent near Sunway Pyramid

  1. Alternative Searching – Mobile Application

In this era of convergent, the use of technologies like smartphones has become an essential needs in everyone lifestyle. Many apps developers have created numerous software or “apps” that had proven to bring numerous benefits and convenience to the user.

So, start looking for alternatives by using the apps that will list down abundant of option and you could choose what the best for you.

Just by typing “room for rent near Sunway Pyramid” and the apps will display a variety of advertisements regarding room for rent, even with the price and details of the room.

In addition, you also have more option in comparing the price with the other room for rent like in Sunway South Quay.

You do not have to rely completely on “old-school” method anymore which browsing through every advertisement from the newspapers or any notice from the college campus bulletin boards.

In shorts, do some research by comparing for the best price before you decided to rent a room in the Sunway City.


  1. Facebook Page of Private Education Institutions

Sunway city is not only known for its “tourist-attraction” like the shopping mall and Sunway Pyramid theme park but also famous private academic institutions like Sunway University and Monash University. This is the main reason why Sunway city often populated by young teenagers especially students.

Therefore, you could start to search for any room for rent availability through the university page confession on Facebook like Sunway University Market or Monash University Market.

Basically, these platforms were created to serve and help especially the student from those institutions to have “business trade” or “things-for-sale” within the circle of the institutions.

Hence, you could browse through the online pages of each university like room for rent near Sunway University or room for rent near Monash University Malaysia which some might offer a special price for the students. Perhaps, you might find roommates that willing to share the room which might help you to save your pocket.


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