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Wall Finishes Malaysia: Stunning Wall Design Ideas for your Home

feature wall design Malaysia

Want a luxurious feel to your home but do not have enough money to do a complete renovation? With stunning wall texture Malaysia, you can now have a hotel feel to your home without breaking the bank. There is a lot of walls finishes Malaysia to choose from and because of the astronomical options to choose from, it is sometimes hard for homeowners to decide. To make your shopping for plaster walls in Malaysia, here are some tips.

Get an Idea of what You Want your Walls to Look Like

Let your creative juices flow but if for some reason you can’t squeeze out an ounce of creative juice, then why not check out some of the feature wall design ideas in Malaysia. These wall design ideas are created by professional interior designers and are sure to work. Try creating a mood board for your room, whether it is the living room or the bedroom. You can go online and look through some wall design ideas in Malaysia and print those images for your mood board. While you are at it, it would also help if you can add images of your existing furniture and appliances just to give you an overall picture of which wall texture Malaysia will suit your room best.

wall decoration Malaysia

What Type of Finish Should you Use?

Faux finishes really give a room a cosy feel. However, some of these finishes are corrosive and leaves a lot of carbon footprint. On top of that, some of these finishes give off a distinct smell that may not be good for your health. A natural, eco-friendly finish that is non-toxic would be ideal for your family especially if you have kids. There are a lot of online wall decoration Malaysia stores that offer this type of finish so finding one that would go well with your design is not a problem.

Make Sure the Price is Right

High-quality wall decoration Malaysia doesn’t have to be expensive. Though adding plaster walls in Malaysian homes are far more cost-effective compared to a living room or bedroom renovation, it is important that you keep the price within your budget. Expensive does not always mean that it is better. You can actually get a stunning wall finish without spending too much. Take your time to go online and compare prices of similar products. This will give you an idea of how much you would spend on your new wall finish.

Add New Wall Decors to Complete your Design

Adding a show stopper wall decoration is a great way to complement your design. Try to look for wall décor ideas Malaysia to check out what is out there and to know which wall decors fit well with the wall finish of your choice.

New wall decorations may not actually be new. You can always look for interesting pieces that you already have and have those crafted to fit the new wall finish. This task may be as simple as repainting the item, or by simply mounting it on the wall. Reclaimed wood works really well with rustic interior designs while metal and glass works can make interesting conversational wall pieces for modern homes.

So there you have it! Now you can make your home look and feel luxurious with these simple steps. The key to designing your home is to be bold and try to mix and match things. However, proper planning makes you a winner. Don’t slack off. Get your mood board ready and start looking for wall finishes and decorations online now! Be creative and put your heart into it and turn your ideal wall design into reality.

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