Online Marketing – The 5 Essential Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Why is Web Design Important for Business?

It can be hard to understand why most businesses are willing to pay top dollar for web design Kuala Lumpur.

After all, having a functional and responsive website is matter the most than how it looks, right?

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Nowadays, the most crucial aspect of an online business presence is online reputation management.

In other word, the business should always try to find a web style that works best for their businesses.

Even though there are several digital marketing agencies in Malaysia that could create websites, yet it takes a skilled person to design a website that looks professional and functional.

Here are some reasons why web design is essential to having a good business.

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1. More Mobile Traffic

According to SEO company, more than half of traffic to top websites in Malaysia came from mobile devices.

Thus, this has made a legit reason for the companies to have their own website that renders properly on smaller screens.

This is also to prevent the users do not encounter the distorted images or experience a sub-optimal site layout.

Nevertheless, having a responsive design and mobile friendly are becoming a norm because it offers much greater versatility at lover development costs.

2. Faster Mobile Development at Lower Costs

In fact, making one responsive website takes considerably less time than making a stand-alone of the mobile app in addition to a standard desktop website. Click here to check out the importance of having a mobile responsive website nowadays.

Since time is money, responsive design for online marketing uses standardized testing methodologies to ensure optimal layout on every screen.

Even if the initial investment of the responsively designed website does come out to being more expensive than creating two separate websites.

Thus, you will end up saving, in the long run, due to maintenance costs and special configuration costs.

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3. Lower Maintenance Needs

It is a part of the job of Malaysia’s web design company in maintaining a separate mobile site that required additional testing and support.

In contrast, the process of having fast responsive design uses a standardized testing methodology that helps to ensure optimal layout on every screen.

Besides, having a separate mobile site and desktop also necessitates two content strategies, two administrative interfaces as well as two content strategies.

Responsive design’s “one size fits it all” approach means less headache for web design developer Malaysia, business owners and customers.

4. Faster Webpages

On top of that, mobile users, in particular, have shorter spans.

According to the studies, mobile visitors bound to abandon the webpages that take longer than 3 seconds to finish loading.

If the site is not optimized properly for smartphones and tablets, then it will consume more time to navigate, which can leave the customers frustrated and in no point of returning again.

This is why online marketing agency plays an important role in ensuring that responsive websites use modern performance techniques.

For instance, the usage of cashing and responsive image display has been one of the effective techniques to improve your web page’s loading speed.

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5. Improved SEO

When it comes to SEO, responsive web design is important to search engine optimization as quality content. Check out Cleverus Malaysia to get more professional advice.

By having stronger backlinks and better bounce rates will translate into a higher search engine ranking, but there is an extra SEO benefit for mobile-optimized sites.

Therefore, it is important to have a single responsive website from the SEO service Malaysia rather than separate desktop and mobile version to avoid any issue of duplicate content.

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