Lot & Land Clearing

Our land clearing team specializes in site development and land/lot clearing clearing.

From half an acre to 100 acres, no site clearing job is too small or large. We have several different sizes of equipment to handle your land clearing needs. Stein Designs can handle residential land clearing as well mulching all trees 8″ and less in circumference.

When you need to remove large trees, or clear wooded land, Stein Designs has the equipment and experience to perform the task. We help homeowners and construction professionals with professional lot and land clearing.

Our specialists are experts at tree removal. We safely cut and haul away all species of tree in the Atlanta area, and remove branches and foliage from any property.

Please see us before your next construction project, whether it is an addition to a home, or a brand new commercial structure.

Construction Lot Clearing

Our crew is licensed and insured to take on the most difficult arbor challenges while keeping you protected financially.

As tree service professionals, we know how to take down trees as efficiently as possible. We remove them from the top down using industry best practices. After that, we conduct stump grinding to reach below the surface and to provide you with a level surface to construct onto.

We do the clean-up work for you, so you will have a clear patch of land for your next project. We use our skid steer tractor to haul large tree remains.

We are professionals and work with clients in the development industry with both land clearing services and with our tree care services. We can help you preserve trees you would like to keep, and offer trimming and pruning to ensure the trees are clear of structures.

Just contact us via email or give us a call at 770-374-1695 and we will be glad to answer any of your questions.