Custom Patios

Atlanta Custom Patio Design

Most people find the outdoors as a great way to spend time with the family – what better way to do that than with a new custom patio. It’s no wonder that more families are considering having custom patios to offer relaxation and entertainment space. The place can be for small parties, a cool area for enjoying a book or any other activity that brings entertainment.  Adding a beautiful patio is also a wonderful way to make your house appear to look bigger. If you take advantage of green and natural landscaping in the yard, your beautiful patio will eventually seem to be part of the house.

The feel and style of your patio should complement with the style of your home.  The patio is actually an extension of your house, so whatever style you have inside should be more or less the same style of your new custom  patio.  Need a quote on a custom patio?  Give us a call at  at 770-374-1695

The size and how elaborate you want to make your patio will greatly depend on both space available and also your budget. Some patios may be big enough to accommodate a full outdoor bar together with the table and some chairs while other patios may only be sufficient for a small table and few chairs. One of the well-liked accessories you can have now is a portable fireplace/table.

This is great especially when the weather becomes a little colder and you still want to extend the time of use of your custom patio.

Indeed, deciding to consider having a custom patio is not an easy endeavor that you should handle alone.  The patio can be constructed from a huge range of materials and each company has their preferred materials to work with. That is why it is important to look for a company that pride themselves on professionalism, quality and service.

Intown Atlanta Custom Patio Design is what we do!

If your home is located in Atlanta Georgia and you’re in either Midtown, Little Five Points, Virginia Highlands, East Atlanta, Inman and Chandler Park, or any other nearby areas, your choice is Stein Designs. The company also works with concrete slabs, plans demolition, as well as driveway repair and driveway replacement for their customers.

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