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It makes no difference where you happen to live . . . Boston, Santa Fe, or Atlanta, concrete companies are there to provide some much needed ‘stability’ to our everyday lives (pun totally intended btw). Used moreAtlanta Concrete Company - Stein Designs Job Sitethan any other man-made material on the planet, approximately 20 billion tons of concrete are made and laid each and every year. Responsible for over 55,000 miles of highway in the US thus far, the manufacturing and usage of concrete stands as one of the most lucrative industries today, bringing in more than $35 billion annually, and employing some 2 million people in the United States alone. Concrete is, and always has been, BIG business.

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From Rome to Atlanta, Concrete ‘Holds Firm’

Concrete is pretty durable stuff. Treat yourself to an endlessly fascinating jaunt down the ancient streets of present-day Rome, and you’ll see plenty of mesmerizing evidence of just how solid concrete construction is. Freed from the limitations of stone and brick (you can’t mold them into cool shapes like arches and domes), concrete mastery helped the Romans fashion some of the most lasting and inspired architectural wonders on Earth: the Coliseum, Pantheon, and a string of aqueducts that stretch off across Europe in every direction.

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Comprised mostly of cement, water, and various aggregate materials (sand, ash, quartzite, and even glass in some cases), concrete is used today for just about everything: giant telescope mountings, nuclear power stations, sky-scrapers in Los Angeles, garage floors, parking lots, and driveways.

As concrete sets, the water in the mixture enters into a chemical reaction with the cement, forming entirely new chemical substances. Although the concrete technically “dries,” in the sense that no liquid water remains, the water is still there, continuing to play an important part in its structure. This is different from the way mud dries, in which the water simply evaporates into the air, and leaves the remaining solid material without having changed it chemically. This is why mud structures don’t last very long, or need constant maintenance.

While slowly ‘curing’ over several days, the concrete gains hardness and strength, as the process of hydration gradually permeates the entire mass of material, with new chemical bonds extending throughout the structure solidifying it even further. Concrete is built to last . . . a long time.

Stein Designs: The Atlanta Concrete Company Superheroes

Carrying on the ancient tradition set down by the Roman Empire thousands of years ago, Atlanta’s Stein Designs prides itself on being one of the most trusted full-service providers of high-quality concrete slabs, patios, driveway repair and replacement, as well as other concrete services for both residential and light commercial customers.

Serving Midtown, Little Five Points, East Atlanta, Inman, Candler Park, Virginia Highlands, and all neighborhoods in between, Stein Designs brings more than a decade of professional experience, skilled craftsmanship, and an innovative approach to all its projects big and small.

If you want something to last, do yourself a favor and make it out of concrete. For eye-popping proof, look no further than the countless temples, palaces, roads, amphitheaters, and bridges from ancient Egypt, Greece and Italy that are still standing all these centuries later. And while no one really expects their driveway to last 2,000 years, you may as well hire the only Atlanta concrete company that could it the job, Stein Designs.

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