The driveway is typically the first thing people notice about your home as they approach. From a distance, the home can be a glorious view. A beautiful home deserves an equally fashionable driveway that compliments the home and adds value to the outside appearance. Choosing a driveway for your home doesn’t have to be a headache but it does require you to make some design choices so that the end result is the perfect driveway to go with your home.

The basic types of materials that you can choose from are concrete, pavers that are made of brick and asphalt. Yes, there are some celebrities who have driveways inlaid with 24-karat gold letters but for the most part, people choose from the other types of materials for their driveway. Your budget will dictate what type of driveway you can afford.

If you are having a new home built, you may have to settle for a concrete driveway as a part of homeowner’s association rules if the requirement is that all homes have concrete. This is seldom the case, even in gated communities. If you have a small budget, the best driveway choice will be asphalt for the short term.

Asphalt is very economical for the initial installation. The dark appearance can add a rich tone to the overall look of your home. Don’t rely on this look to last for long, however because asphalt, which is black tar laid over stones, tends to fade very quickly. It will be necessary to have your driveway paved again in a year or so to restore that fresh, dark appearance. Because the stones beneath tend to settle, it is important to understand that only a few repaving can be done and then you will have to remove the entire driveway and pave from scratch again.

When you can afford to pay a little more, concrete provides a more durable driveway. Concrete does not need to be touched up every couple of years and is not subject to soak up heat in the same way that asphalt does. Concrete can be shaped more artistically and provide design options that are simply not possible with concrete. The price tag is higher but it’s true what they say that you get what you pay for.

The most expensive driveway you can purchase is one created with pavers. Whether you wish to have a cobbled stone appearance, diamond pattern or something custom designed, pavers are the way to go. This type of driveway material requires the longest amount of time to install but the finished product can last for ages.

When you are preparing to choose a driveway for your home, after you determine your budget, shop around for competitive prices. Remember that asphalt is inexpensive but in the long range you will spend far more on resurfacing and replacement. Concrete is moderately price but can be prone to stains from oil leaks or other car fluids that spill out and concrete inevitably cracks, which can be costly to repair or replace.

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